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The challenge

When you pack away things into boxes when moving or for storage, it can be hard to remember where you put a particular item In addition searching for a particular item can be frustrating and even time consuming especially when there are lots of boxes.

The idea

Pack&Tag is a combination of a smart tag and an app that helps you search smart for items that are packed away. Once you pack away the items in the box, you attach our smart tag on the box and enter some keywords about the box into the app and save it. You can then safely store your items away and the next time you need them, all you need to do is query the app and the tag lights up helping you to quickly locate the box with the item you are looking for.

The User Benefits

  • Saves time and reduces the stress of looking for a specific item.
  • Helps users stay organized and keep track of items when moving or when they have been stored away.
  • Can also be used to locate items in large warehouses and storage facilities.