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The challenge

When kids grow up, they need lots of new clothes. The problem is that they won’t fit for long, so parents need to buy new clothes constantly. The smaller the kids are, the faster they grow and more clothes remain too small to use.

Buying and also disposing of all the out of use clothes is challenging. It takes a lot of effort to decide whether to recycle or to re-sell used kids’ clothes. And because time is limited, many times those clothes take up all the space from the closets.

The idea

Kidswearswap helps parents to have clothes for kids that are always the right size. For a fixed monthly fee customers get a certain package to use. The package includes clothes for basic, or customized needs – trousers, shirts, jackets… When the kids grow and the clothes remain too small, parents just send them back and they get another package with bigger sized clothes to use.

The user benefits

  • Cheaper access to what is needed when kids grow up. With the same monthly fee, parents always have clothes that fit and are tidy for their sweethearts.
  • Freed up storage space: no unused clothes are lying around and filling every corner while waiting for younger siblings or a trip to the fleamarket.
  • Environmental safe – no need to trash old clothes, just send them back.