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The challenge

Every year nearly 275,000 Erasmus students are going for an exchange trip in a European country. Depending on their host university, they may get the chance to receive useful help when arriving, like getting a furnished apartment. Or not. Many students when arriving have to find second hand furniture, a set of cutlery, an old bike to be able to move around. 3 or 6 months later comes another burden: what to do with the extra stuff accumulated? Sell it online? Trash it in the streets?

The idea

Erasmuskit is a subscription service allowing exchange students to have access to various solutions to facilitate their experience during their exchange programme. The housekit for instance offers access to a set of kitchen equipment. The mobilitykit provides a quality bike for the duration of the student stay. At the end of the exchange period, the kit is returned to the service provider and reused by a new exchange student.

The user benefits

  • Cheaper access to what is needed during the exchange. No need to buy anything, just rent!
  • Convenience: no need to spend time selling the stuff or trashing it away when it’s time to pack and go home.
  • Each pack is related to a certain need: housing, mobility, etc..