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The Challenge

Finland’s population is ageing and therefore providing good elderly care is increasingly important. Many elderly Finns prefer to live normal and independent lives in their own homes. However it is easy for them to suddenly fall ill or injure themselves and they many not always be able to get to the phone to call for help.

The Idea

Eldercare is a personal alarm system that allows the elderly to access care at the touch of a button. Designed as a watch, wristband or bracelet that has a special button, which when pressed can connect immediately to a special response team who are able to talk to the person, understand the situation and make sure they get the help they need and that their family and/or friends are made aware of the situation.

User Benefits

  • Enjoy the freedom of living in your own home knowing that help is at hand when they need it
  • Friends and family can have peace of mind when caring for an elder person
  • There are no phone numbers to dial or remember the user simply needs to press a button.